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The U9 Functional Chain is a unique, multifunctional, versatile exercise tool, designed to accommodate the biomechanics of the human body. This is a piece of exercise equipment with the unlimited possibilities!

You can use the U9 Functional Chain instead of the following 9 types of exercise equipment – body bar, dumbbells, ViPR, sandbag, rope, resistance tubes, hand/leg weights, kettlebell, etc.

The U9 Functional Chain can be used together with some other types of regular strength training equipment to expand their functionality. The U9 Functional Chain can be modified in seconds by changing its shape to provide endless variations of workload and exercise progressions. Now you do not need many types of various fitness equipment for a complete total body workout with variable resistance. The U9 Functional Chain is all you need to achieve your fitness goals and develop strength, endurance, power, balance and flexibility!

Reactivity, or reverse active impact on the human body, is an essential feature of the U9 Functional Chain. The more effort is applied, the more resistance the chain will provide throughout the movement, changing its shape, center of gravity and engaging every muscle for an intense total body workout.


Chain training helps to increase the energy expenditure, engage more muscles, muscle fibers and other motor units. The U9 Functional Chain workouts will help you to strengthen your nervous system, resulting in better body awareness and movement control.

The U9 Functional Chain is a patented exercise tool featuring the following specific benefits:

- Has an offset and permanently variable center of gravity.

- Provides progressive workload throughout the movement.

- Enables easy shape transformation and quick workload adjustment.

- Absolutely compatible with the natural biomechanics of the human body.


Experience absolutely new training effect of your routine exercises with the U9 Functional Chain!

The U9 Functional Chain exercises are designed to help you to achieve practically any fitness goal – body shaping, weight loss, developing your musculoskeletal system, increase of power and endurance, posture correction, sports injuries prevention and professional athletes training. Improve your strength level, speed, coordination, power, stamina and flexibility with just one fitness tool – the U9 Functional Chain!

You can use the U9 Functional Chain in any workout environment - in personal training, in small groups or group exercise formats, in the gym or for an outdoor workout.

The U9 Functional Chain workouts are great for the users of any fitness level. Both beginners and advanced users can choose the best training weight for their fitness goals from the wide weight selection (from very light-weight to extremely heavy). The U9 Functional Chain has a very simple and durable design. All the great things are simple! The U9 Functional Chain is very user-friendly and has a compact design. We have removed all the extras, so that you could focus on the most efficient workout ever!

The U9 Functional Chain training program offers a great variety of exercises (more than 1000) and it can be used with different exercise techniques. Our experts have developed 3 training program formats for your optimum training results. Those program formats can be used with any type of exercisers – from beginners to professional athletes.


The GREEN CHAIN program is designed for the low-intensity functional chain workouts. The main purpose of this exercise program is developing the musculoskeletal system, as well as injury prevention, posture correction and fitness level improvement. This exercise program is perfect for Body&Mind workouts, for senior users and for beginners.

The BLACK CHAIN exercise program is designed for functional strength training. It contains exercises that allow to tone the muscles and to increase strength level without excessive muscular hypertrophy. This program is designed to improve body shape and physical condition in general. If you want to get stronger and have more definition in your muscles, if you prefer strength training and you are committed to achieve your goals – this program is your best option!


The RED CHAIN exercise program is focused on high-intensity interval training with the U9 Functional Chain. This is one of the most high-intensive and efficient workouts, and it is perfect for body weight loss. This is a very challenging workout that will help you get faster, stronger and gain more endurance while performing high-intensity athletic, plyometric, metabolic and cardio exercises. It is perfect for professional athletes, extreme heavy-weights enthusiasts and advanced users, who enjoy new experiences and challenging workouts.


Chains have been used for physical training in weight-lifting, track-and-field, power-lifting, extreme strength training, martial arts, body-building and rehabilitation exercise for many years all over the world. They have proven efficiency in strength training and functional body development.


The history of chain training goes back a few thousand years, and it is believed that the chain training originated in ancient China, where chains were used for martial arts workouts. Olympians and Sparta warriors were also using chains in their training system. The new wave of interest in chain training was raised by the great athlete and strongman Alexander Zass.

The strongman Alexander Zass (The Iron Samson, 1888-1962) is considered to be the founder of the modern chain training technique. He was one of the strongest people on Earth and he could bend horseshoes, tie steel rods in a knot, catch a cannon ball flying out of the cannon, lift a horse on his shoulders and he could perform other incredible things that modern athletes cannot repeat.


Alexander Zass had phenomenal strength for his relatively small physique, and his favorite words were “strength is not in the size of the biceps, but it is in the strength of tendons and ligaments”. To strengthen tendons and ligaments Alexander has developed a system of esometric exercises utilizing the chains as a fitness tool. This technique was extremely popular in the beginning of 19th century, but it was forgotten and partially lost in the later years.

Our team of word-renowned experts has developed the unique U9 Functional Chain training System based on the following cornerstones:

- Fundamental principles of traditional chain training.

- Unlimited functionality of the new U9 Functional Chain equipment.

- Modern concepts of physiology and fitness and sports conditioning.


The U9 Functional Chain training System is the myofascial functional training method based on dynamic, static and stato-dynamic exercises, designed to strengthen myofascial meridians, covers, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cardiorespiratory and central nervous systems.

Our goal is to revive, develop and promote chain training.


Chains have great functional training potential, but their usage in training process has been limited due to inconvenient grip, noise, brutal appearance and limited selection of exercises. Until we created the new U9 Functional Chain… It’s a game changer!

Innovative seamless rubber coating of the U9 Functional Chain link provides:

- Comfort and safety,

- Convenient grip,

- Better control throughout the movement,

- Significant noise reduction.


Now you can use the U9 Functional Chains for personal training and group classes without interference with music tracks and disturbing other gym users. Now the chain does not slide in your hands, and it looks great. Now nothing can stop you from training up to your highest potential!

· Our special innovative link design provides convenient one-hand and two-hand grip.

· Any side of the link can be used as a handle.

· High links mobility helps to change your grip in a second.

· Larger size offsets the center of mass farther from the grip point, which means increased functionality and muscle engagement.


Now you can enjoy the great look and feel of the new U9 chain, freedom of movement and unlimited variety of exercises!

Under the soft durable rubber coating there is a highly resistant metal link. It provides the hard structure and weight of the training chain, essential for resistance and weight exercises. The U9 Functional Chain is manufactured in wide selection of weights appropriate for users of different fitness levels and for various workout formats.

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