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The U9 Functional Chain boosts the efficiency of your functional workouts, taking them to the next level. Improve your strength, speed, endurance, power and coordination using just one type of fitness equipment! Experience fresh sensations with hundreds of new exciting U9 Functional Chain exercises!

Improve your posture, balance and endurance, strengthen your tendons and ligaments, tone your muscles, release weight, get stronger, boost your confidence and stay in your best shape with U9 Functional Chain training workouts!

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 Our mission is to develop and promote functional training. Now with the innovative U9 Functional Chain equipment it is more accessible, versatile and fun!


     The U9 Functional Chain was designed for your comfortable, intuitive and multi-functional total body workouts. The chain changes its shape adapting to your movement, it actively engages various muscle groups. The U9 Functional Chain works as an extension of your body and it can be used instead of 9 other types of fitness equipment, improving and modifying their functionality. The U9 chain is the ultimate functional fitness equipment!

       Thousands of users have experienced the unique effect of exercises with the U9 Functional Chain. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the incredible functional chain training!

We offer International U9 Functional Chain training certification program for fitness professionals.

“It’s an extremely interesting workout - exciting, emotional and highly efficient. You feel every muscle in your body! I’ve got a lot of new experiences and great ideas after a U9 Functional Chain workout.”

Yea Lorneli, 

Personal fitness trener  

Explore the unlimited functionality of the U9 Functional Chain training – its fundamentals, key advantages and unique features of the U9 chain equipment and the U9 Functional Chain training System.

“U9 is a passionate, exciting and crazy ultimate total body workout! The U9 chain a piece of fitness equipment that can do virtually anything! It creates new, unexpected opportunities for your workouts“.

Ivan Shadrin,

 Group fitness instructor.

      We are the only company providing education and official certification of the U9 Functional Chain training program for fitness professionals. We believe that high-quality professional education is the keystone to the efficient, safe and successful workouts.

        If you are interested in attending a U9 Functional Chain training master-class, presentation or a workshop, please fill out an application form in the bottom of this web-page.

The U9 Functional Chain is a “dream fitness tool” for any instructor. It is compact, comfortable, versatile, multifunctional and absolutely awesome! You can use the U9 Functional Chain for exercising all main muscle groups, you can integrate it into the majority of training techniques and achieve almost any training goal!

Photos and videos of our seminars, master-classes, conventions and presentations.

“I can swear that U9 chain training is absolutely brilliant! This is a unique training program with impeccable presentation! I feel so grateful! Excellent product and high-quality education…”

Grant Geshishian,

 Fitness director of Grant Fitness gym. 


General distributor - MFitness

Najimovskyi prospect 56, 117335 Russia, Moscow

Tel. +7 (495) 974 12 34



Fill out an application for education/master class/presentation/distribution rights/purchase

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Find your instructor and experience unlimited possibilities of U9 Functional Chain workouts!

“I’m extremely impressed by the terrific versatility of the training techniques and exercise variations! I have never experienced such a profound training effect from any other training program! It is the best piece of functional fitness equipment for me!

Irina Shapochka

Fitness manager


General distributor of the U9 Functional Chain equipment You can find the list of international distributors on our web-site.

Try a workout with the U9 Functional Chain - a unique piece of fitness equipment for personal and group exercise programs!

“U9 chain is probably the best exercise tool for functional training workouts! It is excellent for beginners and for professional athletes. You can use U9 chains in fitness rehabilitation work as well as in HIIT format. U9 chain is very compact and exceptionally useful. In a word, it’s perfect!”

Alex Bolotov  

International fitness presenter